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Diskographie - Elton John's LP's


Empty Sky, Juni 1969

A: Emty Sky, Val-Halla, Western Ford Gateway, Hymn 2000
B: Lady, What's Tomorrow?, Sails, The Scafforld, Skyline Pigeon, Medley: Gulliver / Hay Chewed

Elton John, April 1970

A: Your Song, I Need You to Turn To, Take Me to the Pilot, No Shoe Strings on Louise, First Episode at Hienton
B: Sixty Years On, Border Song, The Greatest Discovery, The Cage, The King Must Die

Tumbleweed Connection, Oktober 1970

A: Ballad of a Well-Known Gun, Come Down in Time, Country Comfort, Son of Your Father, My Father's Gun
B: Where to Now, St. Peter?, Love Song, Amoreena, Talking old Soldiers, Burn Down the Mission

17-11-70, April 1971

A: Take Me to the Pilot, Honky Tonk Women, Sixty Years on, Can I Put You On?
B: Bad Side of the Moon, medley: Burn Down the Mission / My Baby Left Me / Get Back

Friends (Original Soundtrack Recording), Mai 1971

Madman Across the Water, November 1971

A: Tiny Dancer, Levon, Razer Face, Madman Across the Water
B: Indian Sunset, Holiday Inn, Rotten Peaches, All the Nasties, Goodbye

Honkey Chateau, Mai 1972

A: Honky Cat, Mellow, I Think I'm Going to Kill Myself, Susie (Dramas), Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time)
B: Salvation, Slave, Amy, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Hercules

Don't Shoot Me, I'm only the Piano Player, Januar 1973

A: Daniel, Teacher I Need You, Elderberry Wine, Blues for My Baby and Me, Midnight Creeper
B: Have Mercy on the Criminal, I'm Going to Be a Teenage Idol, Texan Love Song, Crocodile Rock, High-Flying Bird

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Oktober 1973

A: Medley: Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, Candle in the Wind, Bennie and the Jets
B: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, This Song Has No Title, Grey Seal, Jamaica Jerk-Off, I've Seen that Movie Too
C: Sweet Painted Lady, The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-34), Dirty Little Girl, All this Girls Love Alice
D: Your Sister Can't Twist (but She Can Rock'n Roll), Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, Roy Rogers, Social Disease, Harmony

Caribou, Juni 1974

A: The Bitch is Back, Pinky, Grimsby, Dixie Lily, Solar Prestige a Gammon, You're So Static
B: I've Seen the Saucers, Stinker, Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me, Ticking

Lady Samantha, Ende 1974?

A: Rock And Roll Madonna, Whenever You're Ready ( We'll Go Steany Again), Bad Side of the Moon, Jack Rabbit, Into the Old Man's Shoes, It's Me That You Need, Ho, Ho, Ho (Who'd be a Turkey at Christmas
B: Skyline Pigeon, Screw You, Just Like Strage Rain, Grey Seal, The Honey Roll, Lady Samantha, Friends

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Mai 1975

A: Captain Fantasic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Tower of Babel, Bitter Fingers, Tell Me When the Whistel Blows, Someone Saved My Life Tonight
B: (Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket, Better off Dead, Writing, We All Fall in Love Sometimes, Curtains

Rock of the Westies, Oktober 1975

A: medley: Yell Help / Wednesday Night / Ugly, Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future), Island Girl, Grow Some Funk of Your own, I Feel Like a Bullet (in the Gun of Robert Ford)
B: Street Kids, Hard Luck Story, Feed Me, Billy Bones and the White Bird

Here and There, April 1976

A: Skyline Pigeon, Border Song, Honky Cat, Love Song, Crocodile Rock
B: medley: Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding, Rocket Man (I Think it's Going to Be a Long, Long Time), Bennie an the Jets, Take Me to the Pilot

Blue Moves, Oktober 1976

A: Your Starter for... , Tonight, One Horse Town, Chameleon
B: Boogie Pilgrim, Cage the Songbird, Crazy Water, Shoulder Holster
C: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, Out of the Blue, Between Seventeen and Twenty, The Wide-Eyed and Laughing, Someone's Final Song
D: Where's the Shoorah?, If There's a God in Heaven (What's He Waiting for?), Idol, Theme from a Non-Existent TV Series, Bite Your Lip (Get up and Dance!)

A Single Man, Oktober 1978

A: Shine on Through, Return to Paradies, I Don't Care, Big Dipper, It Ain't Gonna Be Easy
B: Part Time Love, Georgia, Shooting Star, Madness, Reverie, Song for Guy

Victim of Love, Oktober 1979

A: Johnny B. Goode, Warm Love in a Cold World, Born Bad
B: Thunder in the Night, Spotlight, Street Boogie, Victim of Love

21 At 33, Mai 1980

A: Chasing the Crown, Little Jeannie, Satorial Eloquence's, Two Rooms at the End of the World
B: White Lady White Power, Dear God, Never Gonna Fall in Love Again's, Take Me Back, Give Me the Love

The Fox, Mai 1981

A: Breaking Down Barriers, Heart in the Right Place, Just Like Belgium, Nobody Wins, Facist Faces
B: medley: a. Carla / Etude / b. Fanfare's / c. Chloe, Heels of the Wind, Elton's Song's, The Fox

Jump Up!, April 1982

A: Dear John, Spiteful Child, Ball & Chain, Legal Boys's, I am Your Robot, Blue Eyes
B: Emty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny), Proncess, Where Have All the Good Timmes Gone?, All Quiet on the Western Front

Too Low for Zero, Juni 1983

A: Cold as Christmas, I'm Still Standing, Too Low for Zero, Religion, I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
B: Crystal, Kiss the Bride, Whipping Boy, My Baby's a Saint, One More Arrow

Breaking Hearts, Juni 1984

A: Restless, Slow Down Georgie (She's Poison), Who Wears These Shoes?, Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Use to Be), Li'l 'frigerator
B: Passengers, in Neon, Burning Buildings, Did He Shoot Her?, Sad Songs (say So Much)

Ice on Fire, November 1985

A: This Town, Cry to Heaven, Soul Glove, Nikita, Too Young
B: Wrap Her Up, Satellite, Tell Me What the Papers Say, Candy by the Pound, Shoot Down the Moon, Act of War (nicht auf LP)

Leather Jackets, November 1986

A: Leather Jackets, Hoop of Fire, Don't Trust That Woman, Go It Alone, Gypsy Heart
B: Slow Rivers, Heartache All over the World, Angeline, Memory of Love, Paris, I Fall Apart

Live in Australia, September 1987

A: Sixty Years on, I Need You to Turn To, The Greatest Discovery, Tonight
B: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest World, The King Must Die, Take Me to the Pilot, Tiny Dancer
C: Have Mercy on the Criminal, Madman Across the Water, Candle in the Wind
D: Burn Down the Mission, Your Song, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Reg Strikes Back, Juli 1988

A: Town of Plenty, A Word in Spanish, Mona Lisas an Mad Hatters (Part Two), I Don't Wanna Go on with You Like That, Japanese Hands
B: Goodbye Marlon Brando, The Camera Never Lies, Heavy Traffic, Poor Cow, Since God Invented Girls

Sleeping with the Past, September 1989

A: Durban Deep, Healing Hands, Whispers, Club at the End of the Street, Sleeping with the Past
B: Stones Throw from Hurtin, Sacrifice, I Never Knew Her Name, Amazes Me, Blue Avenue

Love Songs, 1991

Are You Ready for Love?, Little Jeannie, I've Seen That Movie Too, High Flying Bird, Heartache All Over the World, Warm Love in a Cold World, Cry to Heaven, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, I Need You to Turn To, Harmony, Never Gonna Fall in Love Again, Candle in The Wind, Ti's Me That You Need, Give Me The Love, We All Fall in Love Sometimes / Curtains

The One, Mai 1992

The Last Song, Understanding Woman, On Dark Street, Emily, Simple Life, The One, Sweat It Out, Whitewash Country, The North, When a Woman Doesn't Want, Runaway Train

Rare Masters, Mai 1992

1. CD: I've Been Loving You, Here's To The Next Time, Lady Samantha, All Across The Havens, It's Me That You Need, Just Like Strange Rain, Bad Side Of The Moon, Rock And Roll Madonna, Grey Seal, Friends, Michelle's Song, Seasons, Variations on Michelle's Song (A Day in the Country), Can I Put You On, Honey Roll, Variation on Friends, I Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day in the Country), Four Moods, Seasons (Reprise)
2. CD: Madman Across The Water (demo), Into The Old Man's Shoes, Rock Me When He's Gone, Slave (demo), Skyline Pigeon, Jack Rabbit, Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again), Let Me Be Your Car, Screw You, Step Into Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas), Sick City, Cold Highway, One Day At A Time, I Saw Her Standing There, House Of Cards, Planes, Sugar On The Floor

Duets, November 1993

A: Teardrops, When I Think About Love (I Think About You, The Power, Shakey Ground, True Love, If You Were Me, A Woman's Needs, Old Friend
B: Go on and on, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, I'm Your Pupper, Love Letters, Burn to Lose, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Duets for One

Chartbusters Go Poperst: Reg Dwight's Piano Goes Pop, 1994

The Lion King, 1994

Made in England, März 1995

Believe, Made in England, House, Cold, Pain, Belfast, Latitude, Please, Man, Lies, Blessed

Love Songs, November 1995

Sacrifice, Candle in the Wind, I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues , Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Sorry Seems zo Be the Hardest Word, Blue Eyes, Daniel, Nikita, Your Song, The One, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, True Love, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Circle of Live, Blessed, Please, Song for Guy

The Big Picture, September 1997

Long Way From Happiness, Live Like Horses, The End Will Come, If the River Can Bend, Love's Got A Lot to Answer For, Something About the Way You Look Tonight, The Big Picture, Recover Your Soul, January, I Can't Steer My Heart Clear of You, Wicked Dreams

Elton John an Tim Rice's AIDA, März 1999

Another Pyramide, Written in the Stars, Easy As Life, My Strongest Suit, I Know the Trust, Not Me, Amneris' Letter, A Step Too Far, Like Father Like Son, Elaborate Lives, How I Know You, The Messenger, The Gods Love Nubia, Enchatment Passing Through, Orchestral Final

The Muse, 1999

Driving Home, Driving To Universal, Driving To Jack's, Walk Of Shame, Better Have A Gift, The Wrong Gift, The Aquarium, Are We Laughing, Take A Walk With Me, What Should I Do, Back To The Aquarium, Steven Redecorates, To The Guesthouse, The Cookie Factory, Multiple Personality, Sarah Escapes, Back To Paramount, Meet Christine, The Muse, The Muse (Remix by Jermaine Dupri)

The Road to El Dorado, März 2000

Eldorado, Someday Out Of The Blue (Theme From El Dorado), Without Question, Friends Never Say Goodbye, The Trail We Blaze, 16th Century Man, The Panic In Me, It's Tough To Be A God, Trust Me, My Heart Dances, Queen Of Cities, Cheldorado, The Brig, Wonders of The New World

The One Night Only, Nov. 2000

Songs From the West Coast, Okt. 2001

The Emperor's New Clothes, Dark Diamond, Look Ma No Hands, American Triangle, Original Sin, Birds, I Want Love, The Wasteland, Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes, Love Her Like Me, Mansfield, This Train Don't Stop There Anymore


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